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PS3 Review

PlayStation 3 is the third generation of Sony’s console. After the stellar performance of the PlayStation 2 and the launch of two rival Wii and Xbox 360, the ps3 game review has a tough act to follow. Sony obviously is not worried because they think the PS3 market is “supercomputer” and is capable of “4D” graphics, with such bold claims I had to choose one for yourself and see if it’s true!

Camping and caravanning holidays can create family togetherness

It is more than tight budgets , attracting families to the world of camping and caravanning, it’s about to rediscover the joy of outdoor activities together . Surveys have shown that the family reunification flags up an astonishing fact about 55% that the children are more likely to make the dishes When staying in a caravan .

Camping and caravanning appeals to a wide range of people , and even if it is assumed , camping, a slightly younger age profile moves this is not the case , all age groups make trips in large numbers of trailer camping and caravanning Both.


Camping and caravanning breaks booming in the recession-hit Britain and financially weak families are fueling the current boom. The British are looking for tensioning belts and their decision for budget holidays , freedom and flexibility , and the market is showing no signs of slowing down. This boom in this type of holiday looks families opt for budget – option breaks the weak pound and economic uncertainties certainly scare people from more expensive bread abroad.

From all over the United Kingdom is the perfect place to be elected by the Devon and Cornwall holidaymakers que has the pole position when it comes to holiday breaks for many years, and the boom sees many families trekking, these two counties, on one of the remain many Cornwall caravan parks or the like its neighbor county.

Caravan offers tourists the opportunity to go at their own pace , where tours and stop when you want their ways and do things . A recent survey showed flexibility and freedom are the top reasons why people choose these occupations were also cited access to the countryside.

, To be comfortable location of the place , a prominent feature , and the need to local attractions , activities Attract That is walking , biking, hiking, fishing and golf, of course, the sea is a big plus for water sports enthusiasts. Most campsites in Cornwall can provide most , if not all of these favorite pastimes .

Touring in the UK is very popular with families and those who have their own caravan , tent trailer or mobile home , in their element are around the West Country Tour , only the possibility – up and go ” when the mood she takes the perfect solution is , as much as possible when seen on vacation.

Some choose not to tour and rent a static caravan on Caravan Park in Cornwall is perhaps still gives them the opportunity to jump in the car and drive around all the sights. This home-away -from-home accommodation is hard to beat.

The lure of the outdoors over weighs less – than-perfect weather and a stay at a caravan park Devon is a delight , especially for the kids to enjoy the freedom of playing , and if too wet to do in undercover activities on the site.

A spokesman Wooda Farm Holiday Park in North Cornwall, said – both speak for themselves these circles when it comes to the perfect location to take a vacation , there are many Both campsites in Devon and Cornwall , and when choosing a campsite Devon it is easy to grasp both counties, and enjoy the best of both . We offer a warm welcome to holiday makers visit our website at Bude in Cornwall, and guarantee a perfect time to be had by all .

China Fenghuang Ancient City

Fenghuang (Phoenix), an ancient city of historical and cultural, a small but quaint. Fenghuang is inhabited by many ethnic minorities such as the Miao, Tujia, Han, Hui people, etc. The city moved to its current location around 1368-1644, when the population was army major, pressing minority ethnic Miao Ming “riot” dynasty government.

Most of the wooden buildings in the city built by the Miao and the Han Chinese during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), ancient architecture remains intact, including a simple primitive and quiet slabastone or flagstone paved streets and houses on stilts with a strong local flavor on the edge .

How to get?
Feng Huang is in western Hunan, China. First of all you can get Jishou or Huaihua. For example, you can train to Shenzhen No.5302 Huaihua. If you want to get Huaihua First, you can take the bus to the bus station Huaihua when you exit the station. There are many buses heading to Huaihua Fenghuang bus station and the ride is about 2 and a half hours (cost 20 RMB). If you are planning to get Jishou first, you have to take a taxi to the bus station Jishou (cost 4 RMB). There are many buses heading to the bus station Fenghua in Jishou (about 1 hour trip and costs 10 RMB).

Where to buy train tickets in Fenghuang?
Now it will be easier to buy train tickets in Fenghuang. There is a ticket office near Shanghai (about 30 meters) and you can get. Types of train tickets here The only downside is that you have to pay (20 rmb if your ticket and 25 rmb for Huaihua, Jishou ticket) surcharge.

Is there a hostel in the old city?
Yes, there are many good hostels. Many people recommend a hostel called Tuojiangrenjia (tel: 0743-3224558). Here is a list of hostel:
(1). Jiangbiankezhan: 07433222920, 13974306603, about 30 rmb for one person.
(2). Shawankezhan: 0743-3260482.13907436601, 34 Qingshawan Street, about 20 rmb for one person, it is a bit far from the center of Fenghuang, but quiet here.
(3). Huijiangkezhan: about 40 rmb for one person, close to Tuojiang but you will see the famous Bund from this place.
(4). Diaojiaoloukezhan: 0743-3,225,313.13974366327, the boss can help you here to buy a train ticket.
(5). Jinhuikezhan: 0743-3505972.13037426651

Where to eat?
There are a lot of spicy food restaurants here in Fenghuang. You will enjoy the food if you are a fan of spicy food.
(1). Heizai restaurant: at the west gate Dongmenchenglou, this restaurant is not great, but you can have dinner near the beautiful Tuojiang River. The cost for one person is about 30 RMB.
(2). Dashi restaurant: the Jianshe Street (near Hongqiao), this is an exceptional restaurant and some people recommend the duck Xueba here. The cost is 30-40 RMB for a person.
(3). Shuishanglou: Heizai in restaurants, famous chefs cooking here in the words of the local population. The cost here is around 30 RMB for one.

Travel To Gansu

In over- time China published a new railway to Tibet , it would be better to avoid the circus tour and then running away with it . Indeed , unless the reader has a certain fondness for the hotel was overbooked and disturbing , red hat – put on a group tour , Lhasa Tibet almost joy that travel agents remain as billing .

Fortunately , less-traveled Gansu Province in northwestern China , Tibet cultural charm without the crowds . Shares a border with six other provinces except Tibet , Gansu physically unobvious the home for any type of Tibetans going . This , coupled with the large shadows of the ever popular neighboring Sichuan and Shaanxi , Gansu results in one of China’s travel secrets maintained . Provincial umbrella makes it a little scary difficult to traverse , but because of this fact that the handsome northern and southern regions offer dramatically different topography , climate and culture , lending a unique charm to Gansu change .

Located in both Qinghai and Xinjiang provinces , a small town in the Hexi Corridor Gansu Dunhuang famous mountain – sand size and caves of ancient Buddhist cave art . A tree – cut oasis surrounded by endless sand , Dunhuang , once an important post along the Silk Road , is now a hot destination such as a remote desert .

On theoretical and geographical across the province , the mountainous area of Xiahe offers cool , quiet respite from the scorching sand both regular and tour groups from Dunhuang . After threading through green meadows with grazing yaks , golden wheat fields and hills of neighboring Qinghai – Tibet plateau suddenly appeared Xiahe real blue sky as a monastic vision .

The Gannon Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture , Xiahe is actually nothing more than a simple ruler – wood along the river Daxia completion of physical and social orbit Labuleng impressive , mainland China’s biggest Tibetan monastery . Embraced by the surrounding mountains , beautiful also known as Lamma Labrang monastery was built in 1710 and holds six seminars and more than 500 Buddhist monks of the Yellow Hat sect .

Buddhists from all over the region come to worship Labuleng , contributing to the colorful activities that give an attractive appeal Xiahe . A three kilometer kora ( circuit spiritual walk ) environment halos and heavy with pedestrian traffic from sunrise to sunset , with red – clad monks and pilgrims spun natives dressed Amdo handheld wheel seminal abbey road , while they bow down and panting sing .

Turn the mid 1200 brightly painted wooden prayer wheels , resplendently decorated nomads peace among the stupa for chatting and sipping yak butter tea , a true portrait of the culture of Tibet .
A visit to the holy city of Lhasa in the roof of the world may sound appealing , but the increase occupancy and unbridled tourism has rapidly diluted once was a quiet getaway . Xiahe , which is known as Little Lhasa , Gansu plateau is an alternative that is more intimate , cozy and close , for those who want to retreat secluded pristine Tibetan culture .


1 . Flights from Beijing to Dunhuang daily at 07:30 ( 3 hours , 1,880 yuan )
2 . Of langzhou to Xiahe , buses leave the Northern Bus Terminal at 07:00 , 08:30 and 02:00 ( 5 hours , 25 yuan ) .


1 . In Dunhuang , which Feitian Binguan in Mingshan Lu across the street from the bus station is a popular backpacker hangout Direct offers dormitories and bathrooms with hot water only 20 yuan .

2 . There are a number of small hotels of different standards along Renmin Jie in Xiahe , despite Tara and Foreign hostels in the west side of the city seem to prefer ( 25 yuan for a dorm bed ) is .


Hand- pulled noodles and thin beef – soup ( saozi Lamian ) province is a favorite . Hui – Islamic influence in northern heavily spiced mutton / lamb kabob ( Yangrou chuan ) , freshly baked bread ( nang ) and bushels of fragrant peach and watermelon . Simple Tibetan fare , including the famous yak butter tea ( po cha ) , a spicy , thick , salty Tibetan drink normally , eating and Tsampa , principal nomadic barley flour kneaded with butter tea to the edible , nutritious dough .